The Jane Tompkins Weeks Chapel is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We invite you to enter at any time from the side door by the sidewalk to spend some time in quiet prayer and meditation. You'll find a votive candle stand, which may be used during your time of prayer.  Lighting a votive candle in a church indicates one's intention to say a prayer for someone and is meant to be a visible expression of the prayer. The lit candle is symbolic of Christ, the Light of the world.

Although it is a custom not familiar to all Christians, votive candles can be found in Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and some Anglican, Lutheran, and Methodist churches. If desired, donations for candle replenishment may be left in the wooden box near the stand.


Prayers for Men & Women in the Armed Forces 

Please join us in praying for these loved one who are serving in the military overseas.  If you have questions about our list of servicemen and women, please contact Lynn Ragland at 385-2150 x 247 or


We pray every Sunday for men and women currently serving overseas.  View the bulletin from previous weeks on our Video Archive page for the current prayer list.


How Do We Pray for Others?

There are two different prayer lists at St. George’s: the Sunday Prayer List and the Weekday Chapel Prayer List. You may add names to one or both lists at any time. It’s easy!

How do I add someone to the pray list?

Submit a prayer request on the information form (located in the pews) and put it in the collection plate on Sunday. Or contact Lynn Ragland at 385-2150 x 247 or Indicate the list (or both) on which you would like the person’s name to appear. That’s all you need to do!

Those on the Sunday Prayer List are prayed for during the Prayers of the People and the names are printed in the Sunday bulletin so that the congregation may pray for them as well. Individuals on the Weekday Prayer List are prayed for at the 7:00am weekday Chapel services. Please be sure the person we are praying for knows that their name is included, especially for the Sunday list

Unless otherwise indicated, we will pray for each person three consecutive weeks. The person placing the name on the list is then contacted by the Church office to determine if the name should remain on the list another four weeks. Of course, a name may be removed at any time. Please let us know how the person is doing. We care and God is healing people in our midst.

One final note: letting the church office know about a hospitalization or illness does not mean automatic inclusion on either prayer list as often this information is confidential. Individuals are not placed on the public prayer lists without their permission.