Frequently Asked Questions About St. George's

What does the Episcopal Church believe?

The beliefs of the Episcopal Church are outlined in the Catechism (or a summary of principles), which is found in The Book of Common Prayer (BCP).  The entire book and Catechism can be viewed online here.

How do we worship?

If you are new to the Episcopal Church, then worship services may seem a little like a juggling contest. To help with our services in the Nave, we offer a bulletin to lead you through the service, an insert with the scripture readings, The Book of Common Prayer, and the Hymnal for our music.

We stand to sing praises to God and greet one another. We sit for instruction and kneel to confess our sins and for personal devotion. Many Episcopalians make the sign of the cross, bow, and observe other reverences, but they are not required of anyone. If you have any questions about the different reverences, please ask a member of our clergy!

All baptized Christians in good standing with their churches are welcome to receive communion. Generally, we receive the bread with our right hand stretched in front of us over our left hand, lifting the bread into our mouth. You may gently guide the base of the communion cup to direct it to your lips and gently push it away when you have received the wine.

Read more about our services and the elements of our worship online here.

What times are regular services? Are the services different?

Please visit our Worship Service page to view the list and a short overview of our worship services.   We offer daily Eucharist, morning and evening Healing Services, traditional Sunday worship services and a less formal Sunday service called The Table.  You are also invited to join us periodically for a service of Compline or Evensong. (Please call the office for the schedule.)

How is worship at The Table different from the Nave?

The Table is one of our regular Sunday worship services.  It happens in Johnson Hall at 9:00am.

  • We follow the classic Anglican order of worship – a call to worship, songs of praise, Scripture readings and a message, a time of prayer and confession, and the celebration of the Eucharist around a common table.
  • We enter into God's presence and worship God through a variety of musical styles, including familiar hymns and modern worship songs.
  • We incorporate liturgical traditions from around the Anglican Communion, reminding us that we belong to a larger church family worshipping God across the world.
  • We welcome adults, children, and students, no matter where you are in your journey with God, to join us.

Is nursery or childcare available?

We provide nursery (infants through two-year-olds) for most church events and for all Sunday morning services. Childcare (ages 3-5) is available during the 8:45am and 11:15am church services on Sunday (or the 10:00 a.m. combined church service during the summer). Childcare is also offered for many church events. Often parents and children worship together at 8:45 and then go to their respective Christian Discipleship programs at 10:05.

Both nursery and childcare are located in the children’s discipleship section of the building. Just follow the signs to Kindergarten/Nursery or ask one of the greeters available before each service for directions.
Click here for more information about nursery and childcare.

What time is Sunday School and how do I enroll my children?

St. George’s Sunday School program is called Christian Discipleship and is held regularly from 10:05 – 11:00 during the regular program year (Labor Day through Memorial Day). Classes meet on the first and second floor of our Christian education wing. You may also email our Director of Children's Ministry, Elizabeth Nash or call her at 385-2150, Ext. 268 for more information. She will be glad to explain our Christian Discipleship offerings for children, and if you’d like, give you a tour of the facilities. Information is also available on our children's page.

How can I learn about the youth program?

Please visit St. George's Student Page to see our thriving student ministry. We have an enthusiastic and capable youth ministry team who strives to foster relationships with our youth and build them up as disciples of Christ.  We have classes on Sunday mornings for grades six through twelve, as well as a full calendar of programs and events throughout the year. Student Discipleship remains very active throughout the summer, and our student ministry team makes a special effort to stay in touch with our college students. Please feel free to email or call the church at (615) 385-2150 with any questions you might have.

What about adult Sunday School?

We offer a variety of classes during the 10:05 – 11:00 Sunday school hour and throughout the week as outlined on our Adult Discipleship page. We also offer programming series seasonally for adults and children on Wednesday nights. Dinner is included by reservation, and the programs are always noted on the calendar on our home page.

How do I become a member at St. George’s? How do I transfer my records?

If you are coming to us from an Episcopal background, you can call our Parish Secretary at (615) 385-2150 (or email her at and ask her to contact your previous church to transfer your membership. If you come from a tradition other than Episcopal, Catholic, or Orthodox, we request that you attend our Confirmation classes and be confirmed when our bishop makes his annual visit in the Spring. Click here for more information on adult confirmation at St. George’s.

How do I get involved at St. George’s?

St. George’s has a very active, hands-on Newcomers Committee. Once you complete the Visitor/Newcomer Guest Book on the web or fill out a pew card during church, a member of the Newcomers’ Committee will contact you and take you under his/her wing. The committee member will be available to answer any questions you might have and help you find your niche at St. George’s. Our Coordinator of Lay Ministries, Lynn Ragland, also is available to answer any questions you might have about getting involved. You can call Lynn at (615) 385-2150 or email her at

Newcomers dinners and orientations occur every few months, and all new members and visitors to the church are invited. You also will note that members of St. George’s wear name tags; a form is available in the back of the church for you and your family. Fill it out and your name tag will be mailed home to you!

Visit our Fellowship, Outreach, and Pastoral Care web pages on this site to find more opportunities to get involved. Or, simply send an email to and tell us where your interests lie!

Could I speak with a priest?

Absolutely. We invite you to call the church office at (615) 385-2150 to make an appointment with one of our clergy.

Where can I find more information about . . . anything at St. George’s?

Easy! Simply email us at