Parenting Busy Children

With the Rev. Dr. Paul C.H. Lim

Hampton Hall at St. George’s Church

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

6:00 - 7:30pm


God used to own Sundays, but the NFL owns it now! Quipped someone commenting on the ubiquitous presence of sports as “demigod” in America. How do we actually follow Jesus if you have children who are into sports? What does a life of joyful discipleship look like with overachieving families? Does God stand a chance? Can we dare use the word “surrender” to talk about our life in Christ? Why is anchoring ourselves onto something far bigger than sports so crucial for our journey of faith? Come and engage in a conversation with a historian of Christianity at Vanderbilt who struggles with these very issues as a father of an adolescent athlete, and finds divine grace to cheer him on the way.

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Boyd Meets Girl Duo

Friday, April 28



Rupert Boyd, classical guitar

Laura Metcalf, cello


This husband and wife duo will present an intimate and beautiful program covering repertoire from the Baroque period to modern times. Don't miss this unique combination of instruments sharing great music. The duo performs arrangements and original compositions from the Baroque through modern day and have given performances throughout Australia and the United States.

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