How can I help?

St. George’s parishioners are invited to serve in the Program in the following ways:

  • Serve on the Fellows Care Team—take a Fellow out to lunch, sit next to them in Church, etc.
  • Serve as a host family
  • Help line up internships with local companies
  • Serve as a mentor

Contact Clint or Theresa Wilson to learn more.  They would love to hear from you!, 615-385-2150 x 215



What is the Nashville Fellows Program?

The Nashville Fellows Program is a nine-month Christian leadership and discipleship program for young adults. We offer recent college graduates a holistic opportunity to enhance their understanding of who they are called to be in Christ, and engage with their calling to advance God's kingdom in both their future vocation and every aspect of life.


The Fellows Program runs from late August to May and is hosted by a collaboration of three churches in the Nashville area. Through this unique ecumenical approach, we seek to equip young people to both understand the relevance of Christ in our culture and develop a framework for engaging this culture towards His redemptive and transformative power.


The Nashville Fellows…

  • Work at an internship 4 days/week
  • Become part of a local congregation where they worship, fellowship, and serve
  • Live with a host family from their congregation
  • Reflect on their experience with a mentor from their congregation
  • Take seminary classes together on Mondays
  • Build community with each other through weekly Roundtable gatherings and Bible study
  • Volunteer with the youth ministry as a way of investing in the lives of younger people
  • Learn from adults in the congregation about how their faith affects their career
  • Learn about their gifts and calling through vocational counseling


The Fellows Program began at The Falls Church in northern Virginia in 1995; now there are 22 programs around the country. The Nashville program is unique because three different congregations host it together – St. George’s, West End Community Church, and Christ Presbyterian. We have finished three years of Fellows classes as of May 2016. We hope to host 4 to 5 Fellows at St. George’s this year (we have 3 confirmed Fellows, and applications still rolling in!).

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