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Sunday, April 23

8:45am | Preaching

10:05am | Guest Teaching at the Rector's Forum

11:15am | Preaching

5:00pm | Evensong & C.S. Lewis Forum


C.S. Lewis Forum

Why should the Arts matter to Christian Faith? with Jeremy Begbie

Sunday, April 23

Evensong at 5:00 in Nave; Talk in Hampton Hall with dinner

Why do the arts matter so much to Christians? It is often assumed that the arts are mainly concerned with pulling us out of this world into a completely different world, and that this is why they are so appealing to people of faith.

Prof. Jeremy Begbie will challenge this view. The arts are crucial to faith - especially Judeo-Christian faith - because they immerse us in this world in a way that is bodily rooted, emotionally engaged, and socially uniting. And as such, they can remind us that there is always more to this world than we can ever grasp, and that one day this world will be re-made.

The lecture will be illustrated extensively with Begbie’s performance at the piano.

Read more about Jeremy here.

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