Safeguarding God's Children

The Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee and St. George's Church have agreed to implement a safety procedure called Safteguarding God's Children regarding the prevention of sexual misconduct and sexual abuse.

If you have been asked to complete the Safeguarding God's Children course online, please fill out the form below. Allow 2-3 business days for your unique login information to be activated, then follow the instructions below to log in and complete the course online.


Fill out my online form.


Logging In

*Please wait 2-3 business days after completing the form above for your online account to be activated. If you have trouble logging in after your account is activated, please email Katy Valesky at or call her at (615) 385-2150 x 241.

Visit and follow the link at the bottom of the screen.

Login – Enter first initial and last name (ex: jsmith)

Password – Enter last four of your social and “tn” (ex. 1234tn)



General Information

After logging in, scroll down to 'Modules.' Choose the module title you want to complete. The modules are as follows:

  • Meet Sam (15 minutes)
  • It Happened To Me (20 minutes)
  • Keeping Your Church Safe (25 minutes)
  • Your Policies (10 minutes)
  • Abuse Risk Management (This module is not required.)

The program will require you to log in again between each module. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Upon completion of the four required modules, please notify Katy Valesky at or call her at (615) 385-2150 x 241. that you have completed the Safeguarding God’s Children Online Course. She will verify that your account is complete.